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with a fresh, tasty Vietnamese Sandwich.

About Us

Nukrave is committed to offering an exciting menu, with every item hand-crafted to bring the authentic flavor and essence of the Vietnamese sandwich to our customers. We aim at providing our customers with farm-fresh, healthy food along with excellent customer service. Our ingredients are hand-picked and made fresh every day.


At Nukrave, our mission is to offer the finest, healthiest, most authentic, and best tasting Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches available. No customer will leave dissatisfied. 

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O.M.G. These sandwiches!! My wife and I had the veggie and egg banh mi's at the OC Fair and it was gross––us, not the sandwiches. I don't think we took a single bite without moaning with pleasure. Literally every bite, our eyes were rolling back. SO. GOOD. It was so good I immediately went back and ordered another.


Nukrave catered a baby shower with 50 attendees. The Banh Mi sandwiches were a hit. Lee’s look out!


My husband and I ordered one of their Banh Mi sandwiches, after a mud run, a few weeks ago, and it was DELISH!!! The meat was seasoned well and cooked perfectly, the veggies were fresh and crisp...just a great sandwich!

The History of “Banh Mi”

The baguette was introduced into the Vietnamese cuisine by French colonists during the French Indochina era. It was initially referred to as “Banh Tay”, which means “Western Bread”. During the 1950s, there was a French-Vietnamese food revolution in the streets of Saigon that led to the renaissance of the current “Banh mi”. After the Vietnam conflict ended in 1975, many Vietnamese migrated to other parts of the world, bringing with them their culture and cuisine. One such cuisine that quickly gained worldwide popularity was the banh mi, with its simple yet deliciously complex taste and convenient nature.  Pairing the taste of authentic banh mi sandwiches with that of traditional Vietnamese coffee “Sua Da” is a match like no other. At Nukrave Vietnamese Banh Mi, we happily bring this experience to you.



Looking for a fun, unique way to serve your guests! Let Nukrave be the centerpiece for your event. We are based in Southern California and serve the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out more!



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